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Ms. Cleopatra Xigalia is a Designer and Christian who loves the Lord. Along with her husband Ceasar, Cleopatra has been designing clothes way before Mesh was invented. She states" We started making togas and ancient world clothes in second life on a bit of a lark shortly after we met. We had a lot of fun making togas and costumes and had a very lively business in sl ... after a year or two we started give making dresses and gowns a try.. and .. we liked that a lot also. while I have always enjoyed creating the clothing and managing the stores, its not what I enjoy most. Meeting our customers, bloggers, land owners, other creators, and the models and fashion show producers in second life is what I find most exciting. Meeting people from all walks of life, from all over the world. " Today Ms. Xigalia owns a store in SL and is also listed in Market Place. Check out some of her work below. Check out her market place link and store at:

Photography by: Bantersaurus Rex

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